Arena Residences Condo Price – Acquired Price By Roxy Pacific

Land PlotsAcquired PriceSite Area
2 & 6 Guillemard Lane$33,500,00014,030 sq ft
12 & 14 Guillemard Lane$22,500,00012,138 sq ft
Arena Residences Price, Arena Residences Acquired Price, Arena Residences Transacted Price

Arena Residences Condo Price – Nearby Condos Transacted Prices

Newer Condos Around District 14, Guillemard Lane / Paya LebarAverage PSF For The Past 6 Months Transacted
Avant Residences$1,602
Centra Heights$1,566
Tre Residences$1,431
Guillemard Suites$1,415
The Octet$1,356
Metro Loft$1,385
Le Regal$1,197
Arena Residences Condo Nearby Sold Price, Arena Residences Condo Price List

More Read Up About How To Estimate The Arena Residences Price Before The Official Release of Price List

Developers undertake projects to build condo units with the view of balancing stakeholder expectations in mind. The major stakeholders in a project building are consumers and shareholders investing in the project. Developers build the house with the aim of creating a good and unique product that will provide value to consumers. At the same time, the value provided to the customers should generate income from them that will generate healthy profits for shareholders. A great way that provides a hint on the value the house will attract is estimating the new launch price of a product. Here is how to get a good estimate of the new launch price for Arena Residences.

The best way would be to look at the property whose price is being estimated in parts. Developing a property essentially involves various costs that should be considered when estimating the launch price. Starting with the components with the highest cost is a standard accepted practice. This is because excluding such a component would greatly affect the estimate something you really don’t want. The component that incurs the largest costs is often but not always land.

Construction costs have a firm grip on second place but may sometimes displace the former and solidly come in first place. These two provide an idea of where the cost can be in the early stages.

However, to arrive at the selling price, which is the new launch price we are after, we will need to consider some other costs the project incurs. The additional costs range from financing costs to the profit margin. Other expenses incurred that need to be reflected in the estimate are sales and marketing costs, administrative and legal costs. Don’t be surprised if there are other costs in this category as they may vary from project to project or even among developers. The example below will show you the methodology to estimate the new launch price while exploring the various costs more.

Nonetheless, it is important to note that the estimated launch price will work with the current economic environment. When it changes the estimate should be adjusted accordingly.