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More Read Up About Having A Floor Plan For Under Construction Property Like Arena Residences Condo

The inability to physically walk through the space in a pre-constructed condo like Arena Residences condo is among the top challenges when purchasing such properties. This is why it is important to understand floor plans as they are the best way to comprehend the features of a home that is yet to be constructed. Floorplans provide a flattened view i.e. 2-dimensional bird’s eye view. A typical Arena Residences floor plan shows things such as room layout, window locations, door locations, structure and much more. However, when you are purchasing a preconstructed condo for the first time, the floorplans might appear as indistinguishable collections of numbers and lines.

The following are some insightful tips on how to read a floor plan for a new upcoming condo


Each condo suite bears an architectural name that entails a project-specific name for easy reference.

Suite information

A condo floor plan will display the type of suite and square footage in a plain manner. Often, this includes a terrace, balcony, den, bathrooms and bedrooms.


This displays the particular unit that you are looking at in reference to all other suites located on that floor, it is usually shaded. It provides information as to the floors on which that specific layout can be found, the direction of the balcony common walls shared with neighbors and elevator location. Furthermore, it has a directional arrow for easy orientation.

Major elements

The main elements are normally labelled for easy reading, these include living area, den, balcony, kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms as well as other features like Gallery foyer and the balcony’s Privacy Screen.

Common abbreviations

The floorplan of a condo has many abbreviations due to space limitations, common ones are LN – Linen closet, STOR. – Storage area, P. – Pantry, W/D – Washer and Dryer, W.I.C – Walk in Closet etc.


Dimensions all over the condo floor plan are indicated in inches and feet. Arrows are included to help with understanding the dimensions.


These are indicated using a dotted line in the opening direction.

Sliding doors

These are indicated using arrows in the opening direction.


Different line weights are used to show various wall thicknesses. Concrete walls are indicated with thicker lines while thinner walls show interior dry walls. Wall features like concrete pillars are indicated using shaded areas.

Vents and fan coils

The position of vents and fan coils are indicated by a big X and surrounded by walls. These are the areas cooling and heating systems are found. Some condo floor plans use directional arrows to show position of airflow.


Tiles of various sizes are represented by squares of different sizes.


Sometimes condo floor plans have furniture displayed. This helps to give you better indications of the floor plan. However, it should not mean that the suite will include the indicate furniture.


Upper cabinets are indicated using a dotted line to give an idea of depth. The lower cabinets are built in and are not normally indicated.


Different closets have separate built-in storage systems and doors. A sliding or swinging door icon is used to indicate the door while the storage system is shown by a dotted and solid line that represents a rod feature or shelf for clothing organization.


The above information provides a comprehensive guideline on how to read a Arena Residences floor plan for a new upcoming condo. Now you can easily visualize yourself walking through your suite.